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The Big Picture: Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan and More

February, 2024

Hello again, and thank you for signing on to receive updates about preserving rural Boulder. We have news!

The timing to start our communications could not be better! Why? Because the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) will be updated over the next ~2 years. This is a major update that takes place only every 10 years. Here is a link to an early planning document about the update:

Flatirons Boulder Colorado

The BVCP, and the broader Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (BCCP), are the "vision" documents that set the tone for how Boulder and the County will develop and preserve the land. This makes it an especially opportune time for us to stay informed and engaged with the process, because the decisions will affect rural Boulder County—and all of us— for years to come.

Details and more links:

The BVCP guides long-range planning, development, and preservation in in the City of Boulder and some Boulder County land. See a map of the "Boulder Valley", and the website for the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. The City and County jointly developed the plan. The major update will go through approval processes with both the Boulder City Council and the County Commissioners, and there will be many opportunities for input from citizens.

Forming a Group Identity

Given the above... Now is a great time for us to become known to the City and County as a dedicated and organized group that is informed and engaged in preserving our rural areas.  In other words, we need an identity! To that end, we invite you to a first meeting to kick around ideas for a name for our group (fun!), and to talk about our goals and "where we go from here."


WHAT:  Foundational Meeting

WHEN:  Saturday, February 24, 10 am (ending by 11:30)

WHERE:  The "dome house", 6374 Niwot Road, Longmont

In forming this group, we would strive to be viewed as a constructive resource for the planners and commissioners—more than just a "thorn in their side." We already know of some in our group who have ideas and experience in this kind of organizing.

We welcome all to this first meeting, feel free to bring an interested spouse/friend/neighbor. Though an RSVP is not necessary, we'd love to hear from you if you know in advance that you'd like to join us. If you can’t make the meeting in person, and if you have any brainstorms on naming our group, please send ‘em our way! We love collective input! 

No worries if you can't or prefer not to attend our very occasional meetings; simply staying informed via our contact list is just fine. 

News on Specific Applications

Kanemoto Subdivision:  A judge's decision is expected soon related to a lawsuit filed by the group protesting this ~400 unit development on the 40 acres near Airport Road and the Diagonal Highway. Depending on the lawsuit outcome, the proposal would next hinge on the Longmont City Council's decision on whether to annex the property. The parcel is designated as "Nationally Significant" agricultural land, which is the highest rank.  It was formerly a conservation easement until a 2023 decision by the County Commissioners to terminate the conservation agreement.  Organized opposition website

Current requests: send comments to Longmont City Council members, speak at City Council meetings, sign a petition opposing the subdivision, and support the group's legal expenses.


Private Tennis Complex in Gunbarrel: Significant opposition has developed about this special use application to build a complex of lighted and domed tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouse in Gunbarrel. (The 20-acre site is zoned for agricultural use and one home.)

Current requests:  Attend the community meeting on Sunday, Feb 4 at 2:30, Shepherd of the Hills Church, 7077 Harvest Road, Gunbarrel. Send comments to the County by February 23 (see website for details). Sign the petition. Support the group's legal and other expenses. Relevant news coverage of the tennis complex:


63rd Street Subdivision: No new news. The application is tabled indefinitely.

Help Us Grow This Group!


Feel free to forward this email to others. If anyone wants to join our contact list, please have them send an email.

Thanks again for your support, and let's work to preserve rural Boulder County.


Chris Ennis and Karen Mandery



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